10 Google Search Techniques to Make the Most of the Search Engine

10 Google Search Tips to Use Google More Efficiently

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Google search is used daily by millions of individuals for a variety of purposes. Millions more individuals use it for leisure, while millions more use it for business and research purposes. But, it’s possible that most users aren’t getting the most out of Google search.

Want to make the most of Google search and swiftly find the results you need? Here are 10 Google search tips and strategies to help you be as efficient as possible:

1. Using the tabs
Use the tabs on Google search as your starting point. Each search has a number of tabs at the top. Most of the time, Web, Image, News, and More will be displayed. You can choose the type of search you should conduct using these choices.

Visit the Picture tab if you require images. You should utilize the News page if you’re looking for recent news.

The bulk of users already use the tabs, thus it is basic. If you haven’t already, it’s highly encouraged that you get connected with them. They can dramatically shorten search times if used correctly.

2. Include quotes
Use quotations to reduce the amount of guesswork in your Google search when looking for something specific. A search engine is instructed to look for the entire sentence when you place your search criteria in quotes.

For instance, the search engine will look for content that has the three phrases “puppy dog sweaters” in any order.

On the other hand, if you write “Puppy Dog Sweaters” into the search bar, it will look for just that phrase. If the content isn’t arranged properly, this can help find specific information that might be hidden behind other articles.

3. To exclude words, use hyphens
There are occasions when you can find yourself looking up a word with a murky definition. Mustang is a prime example. Google may provide results for both the Ford automobile and the horse when you search for “Mustang.” Use the hyphen to instruct the engine to ignore material that contains one of the other if you want to remove one. The illustration is provided below.

The search engine is instructed to look for mustangs, but to ignore any results that contain the word “car.” When trying to learn more about something without learning more about something else, it can be incredibly useful.

4. Use a colon to search for particular websites.
You may occasionally need to Google search for articles or other content on a certain website. We’ll demonstrate the really straightforward syntax below.

NHL.com, Sidney Crosby
This will only look for content regarding renowned hockey player Sidney Crosby on NHL.com. There will be no more other search results. This shortcut can be used to locate specific material on a given website

5. Look for a web page that points to another web page.
This Google search advice is not very clear. Instead of looking for a particular page, you’re looking for a page that points to a particular page.

Consider it this way. Using this approach, you can discover all the websites that link to a New York Times piece in order to see who mentioned it on their own website. Below is the syntax:

This will produce a list of all websites linking to the New York Times’ main page. Practically anything can be the URL on the right side.

The more exact it is, though, the fewer results you’ll obtain. Although we are aware that few people will probably utilize this Google search tip, some people may find it to be quite helpful.

6. Use the asterisk as a wildcard
The asterisk is one of the list’s most practical wildcards. This is the process.

Google may in the future automatically fill in the blank when you insert an asterisk in a search query. This is an ingenious method to find the lyrics if you don’t know all the words to a song. Let’s look at the syntax now:

“Come to me right away.”
You or I could think that is ludicrous. Even though Google is aware that an asterisk might substitute for any word, it will still search for that phrase.

Most frequently, a search will turn up the lyrics to the Beatles song “Come Together.”

7. Look for websites that resemble other websites.
If everyone knew about this one, they could all use it because it is so special.

Consider that you have a preferred website. Anything may be it. But you want to locate other websites like it because this one is starting to get a little dull. You would employ this ruse. The syntax is as follows:

There isn’t a connection to Amazon in that search result, unfortunately. Instead, connections to internet retailers like Amazon are available. sites that sell tangible goods online, such Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. It’s a robust Google search tool that can assist you in discovering fresh websites to explore.

8. Do math using Google searches
You can actually perform math using Google search. Because it may be applied so many different ways, this one is fairly difficult to express. You can pose simple or challenging queries to it.

It is significant to highlight that while it won’t resolve all math issues, it will resolve a sizable portion of them. Here are a few illustrations of the syntax:

8 * 5 + 5
The Planck Constant
45 results are returned if you search for the first one. You can use the calculator to find answers to more questions; it will also display.

If you want to avoid doing some quick math in your brain but still need to perform it, this is useful. The Planck’s Constant value will be returned if the second word is searched.

By providing values for well-known mathematical words, it can perform math but also assist you in finding solutions to math problems.

9. Find several words at once
The Google search is adaptable. It is aware that searching with just one word or phrase may not yield the results you are looking for. It enables you to search for multiples.

This technique allows you to conduct a simultaneous search for two words or phrases. In order to locate exactly what you’re looking for, this can help you focus your search. the following syntax:

How to prepare for a job interview the best manner possible Download “How to Prepare for a Job Interview”
You will search for both terms if you type that. Recall the advice regarding quotations from earlier? Here, too, it’s being employed. In this case, a search will only be done for these two specific phrases. The following example shows how it can be done by word:

EITHER white chocolate OR chocolate
This will look for websites with either white chocolate or chocolate on them!

10. Find a set of numbers.
Another advice we don’t expect many people taking is to look for a range of numbers. But those who do utilize it will presumably do so frequently.

This suggestion will be especially helpful to those who are interested in finance or statistics. To tell Google search you’re seeking for a specific range of numbers, you essentially use two dots and a number. as in the following syntax:

The following teams have won the Stanley Cup: 2004; 41; 43.

I should mention that Google Search is an extremely potent search engine. With the above-mentioned tips, you may find anything and everything online.

Whether you need to steer clear of Wikipedia for a school essay project, look up the most recent market prices, or even locate song lyrics, there is a way to make Google search work for you.





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