Peter Obi: How I Will Change Nigeria as a President

How I Will Change Nigeria as a President by Peter Obi

Nigerian LP
I will change Nigeria

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has uncovered the systems he will use to address security challenges, rising expansion, and other countries’ issues, assuming they choose him as President in 2023.

He vowed to assume complete ownership of administration and public safety, adding that he will make security agents at various levels of government who he will outfit with the essential devices and innovations for activities.

Obi expressed this at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Lagos on Monday and tweeted on his confirmed Twitter account.

As a President chosen by all Nigerians, the Federal Reserve note will stop at my work area. I will be completely liable for the administration and public safety choices and activities.

“Complete change of the whole security design that will incorporate level policing-government, state, and local areas, appropriately furnished, prepared, and mechanically determined security framework,” Obi said.

In tending to the power supply and expansion, he said the confidential area, will give full help to put resources into power and vowed to cut the sponsorship cost by 50%.
“My organization will forcefully uphold the confidential area to put resources into the power chain diversely, especially the transmission framework,” Obi said.

I will overwhelmingly seek the advancement of the transmission foundation and sufficiently support the current financial backers through an appropriate arrangement of explicit gas supply for power age, transmission, and circulation.

“We will diminish the endowment cost by 50%.” “We will uphold nearby refining for homegrown use and evaluate Naira closely.” ” When we tackle uncertainty and ranchers’ profits to ranches, our food creation will go up and expansion will go down through the diminished food prices.”
“With the expulsion of endowment, we really lessen defilement to a negligible level, swell the cost of administration, or more all, support and boost commodities to settle the money conversion standard.”


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